Why I write

Hello, fellow being. I have been encouraged as of late to start a blog, both to trigger debates and conversations but also to share some of my endeavours on sustainability in the following years. I hope this will be an opportunity to learn, to actively debate, to hear suggestions from others and to most importantly explore something that is deeply important to me: sustainability.

Sustainability, sustainability. This is an often abused term. What I will focus on is our attempt to live on this earth in a way that allows future generations (not only humans) to benefit from the same resources that we did. It means to live in a way that limits our environmental damage and actively seeks way to improve, develop, our social welfare and economic prosperity.

Activating Sustainability. Sustainability in action. How can we put all our musings, learnings and discussions into practice?

Let the adventure begin.

2 thoughts on “Why I write

  1. Interesting article. You mentioned about use industrialization and technology to sort the issues of food shortage. I am interested to know your view, on cultured meat and biotechnology to resort the issue?

    Since, richer nation usually produce more food than poorer countries with highly industrialization and technology. It is not current by it also mentioned in Adam Smith’s ‘‘Worth of Nations’’ in comparison between the corn production between the UK and Poland. In modern example, the food waste which produce by Australia and New Zealand’s disposal of poor quality food product alone enough to feed the world population according to UN’s data. I am interested on how do you think, the world focus on food can be change to poorer nations to make differences?


    1. The debate between poor and wealthy nations on food is very sobering. It is estimated that about 30% of our food is wasted, mainly by supermarkets + at home, uneaten food. If that was re-distributed (by consuming less in the first place and exporting less food to wealthy countries) then our food challenge would be significantly less. There are some entrenched inequalities due to pricing, bargaining and lack of information though. Take for example some of my personal experience from Sierra Leone and other West African countries. The majority of the rice sold here is ex-Chinese / Indian. It used to be in “food banks” kept by the government in India and China in case there was a food crisis. After 3 years, they need to renew the stock, so they sell the old stock to poorer countries, such as West Africa. The rice therefore people are eating is almost nutritionally void.. it’s three years old! Can you imagine. And the local rice, rich in nutrition, is exported at a premium.

      For biotechnology, I do wonder. I don’t think there is enough research on this topic in terms of its negative effects, so it does look promising. My only question is this: it is known that some genetically modified foods lack in nutrition and put more pressure on natural resources (need more water, energy). If GM food is therefore altered and has negative consequences, how can us eating lab-produced meat be good for us? My assumption is that something will have changed at a genetic and nutritional level and therefore may interact with our organisms differently. We shall wait and see (but I won’t be the first one eating it 😉 ). And that brings me onto another point… the poor will also be the ones who will eat the “cheaper food”. If we as the rich are eating sustainable organic food, then the poor are left with the worst quality food. What will this do in the long-term to their health and ability to improve their livelihoods and wellbeing?

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